Coaching at the Women’s Climbing Symposium

Coaching at the Women’s Climbing Symposium

One to one

One to one climbing coaching is the sure fire, fast track method to getting the best out of your climbing. I want to know what makes you tick, what climbing means to you, what your lifestyle is like, aswell as your climbing experience and goals. My coaching is holistic and I will give you honest feedback (with a smile!!). I will give you exercises and drills that fit into your life, that are also achievable and motivating. It’s the only way!!


what’s holding you back?

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t. I will match up your climbing goals with the four areas of technique, tactics, physical and psychological. There is rarely just one thing, it’s usually a subtle combination of a few things, but the key is matching up to your goal. So I’ll work with you to establish short term and long term goals. Here are some broad areas I look at.


  • Feet! I always start here, and particularly how you place your centre of gravity over them

  • How comfortable are you on the techniques necessary for your goal

  • How well can you use your local wall to work on these techniques


  • Route preparation: what to think about on the ground

  • Warming up. Massive! For the mind as well as the body


  • Exercises for strength, power endurance & endurance, all according to your goal, time and facilities

  • Injury prevention


  • Managing anxiety before and during climbs

  • Dealing with falling off

  • Judgement - when is it safe to fall, when is it not

  • Fear of failure

  • Climbing to failure


I mostly work out of the amazing selection of climbing walls in Sheffield. I’ll select the best option for you and your aims.

I also work on the gritstone edges of the Peak District, as well as the sport climbing areas in the white Peak.

I can work further afield too, but there will be higher expenses to allow for travel and time.

Misha Turkey coaching holiday 2009. Photo: Will Carroll

Misha Turkey coaching holiday 2009. Photo: Will Carroll


2 hour session 1:1 £80, 1:2 £90

Weekday 1:1 £200 1:2 £220

Weekend 1:1 £230 1:2 £250

  • All sessions include initial email questionnaire

  • 2 hour sessions include written feedback

  • Above prices are for Sheffield and the Peak District. If you are interested in coaching further afield I can quote separately.

“You really helped me regain the sense of fun I had when I first started bouldering.”


"Absolutely brilliant session. Felt like I learnt a lot and have a load of things to practise" Dave, Harrogate

"I had a brilliant day yesterday. You really helped me regain the sense of fun I had when I first started bouldering. I'm going to make sure I incorporate moving about on slabs in my warm up, so I can take the time to understand and trust the friction, my shoes and my body. I'm going to keep playing with different angles and laying back and also those mantel shelves. I know I didn't succeed on all of them, but just being able to try them and keep in control feels like a huge achievement for me."  Jaimella

The training plan was fantastic. It helped me to focus on inspirational yet realistic goals. It got me motivated and focused again after having children and was well designed to fit in with a busy work and family life. It was always interesting and the changes to the sessions week to week kept my enthusiasm going strong. The sessions were well structured so I could see the gains I was making and I had alot of fun getting fitter. I am still seeing the benefits 6 months on (and I managed to beat my husband in something on the fingerboard, minor and a bit pointless but excellent) Jo, Sheffield

Walking into the venue, it wouldn't be putting it too strongly to say that I felt like a different person, (a different climber at the very least).  Previously, I'd have felt at a bit of a loose end  not really knowing what to do, but with my training objective in mind, I was really focussed.
Your help has been exactly what I needed Katherine.  I was at a point where I really didn't know what to do next, but your clear, succinct advice has cleared the "fog" my head regarding where my climbing is going.  I really enjoyed yesterday - your relaxed approach made it great fun.  
Susan, Blackburn