Trust yourself & connect deeply

When we find our true connection to climbing, everything changes: You’ll make time at the beginning of a session to work on technique. You’ll put just that bit more effort into a training exercise. You’ll have the right people around you holding your ropes and working out sequences. And those moments of doubt will start to disappear. Because really you don’t want to be anywhere else.

I can help you get the best out of you, your time, your body and your energy. I have years of experience of coaching people with real lives. I’ll look at the whole picture and give you honest feedback based on a lifetime’s climbing and coaching.

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one to one coaching

Indoors or outdoors, personalised climbing coaching is the most direct approach to seeing a difference in your climbing.



Get confidence in your equipment and be safe. Learn to trust your gear and ensure your systems are slick.

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young people

Outdoor sport climbing courses for young people. Route selection, warming up, safety, technique, becoming independent climbers.


holidays abroad

Expert coaching over a whole week in beautiful settings, on golden rock with like-minded people.



Team up with a group on these workshops, which taking your through a 3 month winter training phase.



Foundation and Development Coach courses for the Mountrain Training Coach Award Scheme.