Paul on Paradise Arete VS, Stanage

Paul on Paradise Arete VS, Stanage

Climbing instruction

It’s hard for me to separate coaching from instruction because everything is so connected. But as a fully qualified Mountain & Climbing Instructor I can take you through everything you need to know about the hard skills of using equipment for both sport and trad climbing. Gaining confidence in your gear and systems is crucial for progressing your physical climbing.

Paul & Claire at Stanage. They started together at 50 and have never looked back!

Paul & Claire at Stanage. They started together at 50 and have never looked back!



  • How to place gear and make good judgements on gear

  • Building belays

  • Setting up bottom ropes

  • Retreating from a climb

  • Setting up abseils


  • Safe leading

  • Threading through belays

  • Using a clip stick

  • Retreating from a climb


The gritstone edges of the Peak District is perfect for honing trad skills. The gear placements are bomber and really great for learning. The White Peak offers a lifetime of sport climbing on ‘Peak Limestone’ - get used to crimps and small feet! After over 25 years of climbing in the Peak District I know all the best routes for first leads and progression beyond.


Weekday 1:1 £200 1:2 £220

Weekend 1:1 £230 1:2 £250

All prices are for the Peak District. I can travel further afield and can quote separately.


“We have had three days in a row where we have got out and had a great time trad lead climbing. This is so different to how we were before we got coaching from you. We are getting out on many more days. We are selecting more suitable routes. Our systems are much more streamlined (we are never going to be minimalist) and we have noticed we are so much quicker at getting things organised before and after a climb. Our climbing is much more confident and efficient, so we are not wasting energy and we are having more fun.”

Paul & Claire