Katherine climbing at El Tobogan Sector Photo: Andy Hansler

Katherine climbing at El Tobogan Sector Photo: Andy Hansler

Margalef, Spain

Join me in this climbing paradise in the heart of Catalunya. Just two hours south west of Barcelona you’ll find the Serra de Montsant, a mountainous region hosting a lifetime’s climbing, including the tiny, peaceful village of Margalef and it’s conglomorate rockfaces. After numerous personal climbing trips there and two successful coaching holidays, I’ve explored many of the crags and routes. We can chase sun, relax in the shade and find something for everyone. It’s a favourite destination of mine and I’d love you to come and see why!


On this coaching holiday you'll work on both your onsighting and redpointing skills. By tackling both of these you'll learn how to read the rock, discover subtle technique improvements and find the flow and pace you need to climb confidently and efficiently. Gaining the confidence to climb your best comes from many places: the best possible climbing environment and atmosphere, helpful route preparation, the right mental state before you set off and also being comfortable falling and trusting your belayer is crucial so we make sure to cover dynamic belaying too.

You'll be climbing 6a to 7a and a confident lead climber. You do not necessarily need a lot of outdoor experience but ideally you'll know how to sport climb, use the equipment and thread a belay.

Ratio 1:6


  • Saturday arrive - airport collection - time and airport to be agreed

  • Sunday footwork, general movement for efficiency

  • Monday more techniques, route reading

  • Tuesday onsighting, dynamic belaying, mental game

  • Wednesday rest day

  • Thursday redpoint practice - pushing yourself further

  • Friday redpointing or onsighting - putting it all together

  • Saturday leave - drop off at airport


2020 dates to be announced soon

Find out more about the beautiful accommodation of Casa Catalunya http://casacatalunya.com/


"I came back from this trip feeling like I'd had a proper mental holiday from everything else and enjoyed being totally engrossed in the climbing and being around people who are as equally enthusiastic if not more.  Overall I'm totally recharged now for the next year's training and future climbing trips" Kathryn

"Organisation second to none typifies the holiday" Colin

"Overall it was a fantastic trip, a great area and a good group of people.  I had a great time and learnt a lot about my own climbing.  I feel I now know what I need to start climbing harder, whereas before the plan was pretty much to turn up at the wall more often and stay longer!" Misha

"In general, it is amazing that at every point I felt a bit uncomfortable in my climbing, one of you were there, paying attention and shouting something to encourage me.  To me, it seems that everyboday else had the same feeling, which is impressive" Wiebke, Turkey coaching holiday 2009