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Thank god it's September

02 Sep 2013

Another month has passed and I have mixed feelings about this one.  This is why:

Great things that happened:

  1. Amazing 3 weeks of productive training
  2. Watching Vanessa and her friends give it some to Mamma Mia, playing musical statues on her third birthday
  3. Learning about daily ‘green’ smoothies (spinach, banana, date and almond milk is my favourite), which give me lots of energy and double up as great protein shakes during and after training
  4. Half an hour soloing at Stanage after work one day in the glorious sun – a magical moment.

Vanessa's birthday

With the hospital theme (see below) one birthday party activity was to paint your own hat (actually cardboard sick bucket) - Vanessa is the fairy in the middle

Crap things that happened:

  1. Vanessa broke her collar bone falling off a roundabout resulting in two visits to A & E
  2. Vanessa had an ear operation
  3. We had no hot water for 4 weeks and ended up spending £2k on a new boiler
  4. This house move is doing our heads in
  5. All the above made too busy and stressed, meaning I scrapped the smoothies, and felt tired and fed up.

After crap points 1-5 my stress levels went sky high and I abandoned any kind of healthy eating, leaving me fed up and exhausted.  On the positive, it is now September, Vanessa seems better, I’m on the smoothies again, we do have hot water now and we should be moving this month.

smoothieThis one's got almond milk, cucumber, blackberries, blackcurrents and chia seeds in it - and a dash of raw honey

The Cornice got wet, so on the last Tuesday of July I went to Raven Tor and in the sun floundered on the top of Chimes of Freedom (8a+).  I was inspired.  The climbing on the upper section is the best I’ve sampled at the Tor.  I briefly looked at the low crux, which is nails and quickly decided that going indoors for a bit would give me my only chance of success.  And training for 2 hours instead of a whole day out is a good use of my time, while boxes need to be packed and walls require painting.

Training seemed a good idea and those 3 weeks of training were the most successful in years.  The main focus was getting specific endurance for the route and working on my lock with offset pull ups and other exercises.  Fortunately crap points 1-5 all happened in a planned rest week so they didn't interrupt my training.  In theory I am back on it.  Actually this currently does seem ridiculous since house moves are imminent and things are just too busy.  But sanity calls for a day out climbing tomorrow (first in 5 weeks) so I’ll see how it goes – at least it’s a chance to see how I compare to last time.  And then packing boxes and filling in even more forms may call me back to reality.

September will be all about juggling and spinning plates.

gluten/dairy free pancakes

Sorry, couldn't resist adding a recipe, you've got to try these gluten/dairy/egg/refined sugar free banana bread pancakesI'm on to cutting out refined sugars now - it's all about the raw chocolate...

Aside from the above a couple of cool developments:


I got filmed by the super-duper filmmaker Jen Randall on Powerplant 8a at the Cornice.  The BMC have commissioned Jen to make a film about climbing mums!  I was one and Natalie was another - I am not sure when it's out - but it's a good film.  I'll keep you posted on that.

Wild Country filming

Last Autumn I did some filming for Wild Country for a set of short films about learning to lead.  A couple of weeks ago I had to dig out exactly the same outfit and finish off the filming.  Again, I am not sure when these are out... but I'll keep you posted.

Suddenly love to climb is feeling glamerous - maybe September will be good after all...