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22 May 2014

This last 3 days Nic and I are on ‘holiday’.  We’ve finally hit that point in life where taking annual leave (Nic does that, I don’t of course) and staying at home (while Vanessa goes to nursery I should add!) fills the gap perfectly.  Until today the sun has been shining with a lovely intensity, that made our day out a Curbar yesterday simply great.  I was so ‘on holiday’ I couldn’t even be bothered to lead anything!  Relaxing is a good thing.  To be honest I was beasted from my session at the Works on Tuesday.

Since Spring sprung things have taken an upturn in every direction.  I am going climbing regularly on a Tuesday again (not ticked anything yet, but I can really feel something is coming back) and Love to Climb is booming.

For the last two winters now I’ve been offering training plans and for a handful of people things are beginning rumble and progress is being made.  It’s a real joy for me to see people working hard and getting close to their goals.

Anne is from France but lives in Buxton.  She has discovered climbing over here and knew it was something she wanted to do, only trouble was she knew nothing about it.  I gave her a training plan and we did some coaching sessions.  The main priority was technique and body positioning, but as a keen member of the gym, wanted climbing specific exercises to do there and at the wall.  Last Wednesday we went to Harpur Hill for her first day out sport climbing.  She did her first outdoor lead and seconded this real classic, Coral Seas 6a clean.

Anne Coral Seas

Then there’s Simon – he’s been climbing quite a while now but has made a decision to turn up the gas and go harder.  Like me, Simon’s weakness is endurance and he’s been diligently putting in the time and the progress is starting to show.  A couple of weeks ago we went to Raven Tor and he got on Tin Of 7b.  This is a desperate route at the grade.  He was really pleased to do such good links and surprised at the number of goes he was able to have.

For Dawn and Rob confidence is the number one goal but their aims are quite different.  Dawn wants to be confident on second just feeling happy and in control of her climbing and Rob wants to push himself on lead and get over his fear of falling.  When Rob texted me from Spain to say he’d led two 6a+s I knew he’d reached a major turning point in his climbing.  Dawn meanwhile sent me a picture of herself on Corvus in the Lakes.  She even said she’d seconded the Crease at Bamford E1 – the sky’s the limit!  Keep it up guys.

Dawn on Corvus

Finally there’s Pippa.  She is 12, on the British Climbing Team and extremely determined.  After starting my plan at the beginning of March she’s had a couple of breakthroughs on the onsight front – now firmly in 7b world.  In just a couple of weeks she’s competing in her first foreign comp – the Colour Festival in Imst, Austria.  Go for it girl!

For sure everyone is psyched and loving their climbing – that’s what it’s all about!

Meanwhile it was our 10th wedding anniversary.  It was generally spent in the rain and we attempted and failed to climb here at Llanymynech (Nesscliffe had been the original plan).  Still, we had a lot of fun!

Wedding anniversary