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Climbing and lots of it

16 May 2011

Stoney, Stanage, Smalldale Quarry, Rubicon, North Wales slate, the Cromlech, Llanddulas, Millstone.  Climbing and lots of it, is what I’ve been up to.  In fact I’ve started up a training diary again in the last 3 weeks because there actually seems some point to it now.  Nic and I can’t really believe it, but having Vanessa doesn’t seem to be particularly slowing us down.

Over the last two bank holiday weekends we’ve headed to North Wales and with various climbing partners (while the other person looks after Vanessa) we’ve returned home broken and unable to do anymore climbing.  Here's Nic, Vanessa (on right), Dave and Nancy in the slate quarries.

Vanessa slate quarries

The highlight of the first bank holiday was the Cromlech.  I don’t even know when the last time I headed up there was.  Too long ago, that’s for sure.  Under a cloudless and sunny sky Lou and I did Cemetery Gates E1 (seminal climbing moment), Ivy Sepulchre E1 and Left Wall E2.  I felt so happy that day to up there climbing.

By the second climbing weekend I’d led a number of E1s and was super psyched for E2.  Unfortunately the night before the planned outing Vanessa had the most terrible cold, which caked her small nose making breathing rather difficult.  From 1am till 4.30am we were awake trying various remedies.  Panic was setting in about my forthcoming climbing day.  Fortunately psyche took over and Viv and I headed to Craig Ddu, usually wet and I led up Yellow Wall, a superb E2 along with some other mini classics.

But now the weather has taken a turn and I’ve also been under the weather.  Last Thursday, despite the showers I headed to Millstone with Alex.  Half way up the warm up (one the Embankment E1s) it started to drizzle.  Keenly I continued until I realised that rain was pouring over my fingers.  I lowered, waited for the rain to subside and for the rock to dry.  I started off again but it was still drizzling, but I just continued up.  Then it stopped raining, then it started again as we abseiled off.  Time to go home.  Frustrating but fun!!  But it's a sign of just how keen I am - I know previously I would have maybe not even tried to go out.  I can't wait for the next time whenever that's going to be...

And yesterday at the Climbing Works my body felt for the first time like I'm actually on the starting blocks again.  I'm beginning to feel like I'm regaining control over my body.

Project sit up, press up and pull up

03 May 2011

It wasn’t very long ago that I couldn’t do any of these.  I was quite shocked – in fact I’m sure I was fitter at 8 months pregnant than when Vanessa was 5 months.  One of the reasons our holiday was so tiring was because I was doing too many of the above (or trying to).  Shuttle runs to the woodshed would be accompanied by 3 sets of 10 pull ups (with my feet on a bar in front of me).  At the start of the holiday I couldn’t even do one!!  Now I’m on about 3 or 4.

As for the press ups – doing them on my knees feels just about ok, and certainly not easy enough to get back onto my feet.  So 3 sets of 10 of those too.  No wonder I was so burnt out by the end of the holiday.

Anyway I only recently discovered how I can actually barely do a sit up.  Or only the variety where your feet are hooked under something and your arms are doing most of the pulling or hoiking.  I delayed trying one earlier at the risk of straining my poor abs.  I’ve noticed this seems to be the barrier for me to climbing overhanging ground more than my arms so abs have again taken number one priority spot.

So I now have a whole host of ‘aparatus’ at home from pitiful some (very light) weights, a new pull up bar, a fit ball, a foam pole and some other pilates things.  I have so many exercises its hard to keep up but I do at least 15 minutes a day.  My schedule is coming together well as I can get climbing alot with Vanessa - traversing at Rubicon, traversing on a gristone brick edge wall and the climbing wall.  In addition I have some very supportive friends who are willing to put up with a day of family sellers while climbing in a 3.

Stop press... North Wales alert... I've just returned from 2 incredible consecutive bank holiday weekends there.  AMAZING.  I will report back on that soon...  Cromlech, leading E2, slate and body coping just about...