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Happy Christmas!

22 Dec 2010

Before I start I just want to send a big wish of love and hope to Andy Earl (top comp climber), his girlfriend Suzan and their unborn (as far as I know) daughter – as well as their wider family and friends. Almost 2 weeks ago Andy suffered a terrible brain haemorrhage and is currently sedated in hospital. Meanwhile Suzan is due any day now. It’s quite the most horrific situation for all concerned and I think about them every day.

So here we are a matter of days before Christmas and how things are different to this time last year. And I was pregnant then and didn’t know it! Now I have a snoring baby in a bouncy chair sat next to me!! And I am just about clinging on to still being a climber. I’ve been pretty immersed in baby world but slowly we’re integrating into normal life.

My days have a nice pattern to them, full of gentle activities and a few jobs here and there. It’s quite nice living with a greater sense of calm compared to my previous rushing about. My old life creeps in from time to time though. Recently I did a 4 hour conference call with the BMC which involved 2 nappy changes, 2 feeds, me making a sandwich and getting Vanessa to sleep. But there’s not a lot to be gained by being supermum. Things have got a lot easier but still, what with writing an article and other bits that week I pushed things way too far and ended up stressed and tired. So we’re back to taking things easy.

I’ve made one attempt to climb – that was last week and it was great. Nic has Tuesdays off so we can coordinate I climbed about 8 routes on the Foundry slab and vertical wall up to 6b and felt a million times better than my previous attempts. Whilst my joints are still a bit loose, it feels like good exercise rather than something I just shouldn’t be doing. But now it’s freezing so I went swimming yesterday instead of climbing.

So actually it’s exciting times and the improvement curve will be massive – saying that I’ve a stone of weight to shift yet – but I don’t think that will really go until I stop breastfeeding

That just leaves me to wish you a relaxing Christmas break and if that’s not possible then I hope that 2011 brings you everything you want.