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6 out of 10

31 Dec 2007

Scrambling TryfanNic and I independently gave yesterday a 6 out of 10.  That might have now with retrospect crept up to 7 out of 10.  The North Ridge of Tryfan it was in horrible drizzle and mist.  To make things worse, this was all in aid of me practicing for the MIA assessment (which I'm hoping to pass this year) and Nic had to suffer the indignity of being dragged up on a rope (this is a grade one scramble and he has climbed E9).  We tried to avoid the crowds but still a group of lads passed us exclaiming to to each other about our need for a rope.  One of the others hushed that they were sure we'd be capable of it.  To be fair we are not very fit and actually it was quite hard work!

A friend did suggest that such a classic should be saved for a beautiful day but these seem few and far between, better just get on with it.  I need all the practice I can get.  Back safe and sound at home ready for a New Year's party round at Seb's - he always throws a good party.  Happy New Year!

All systems go

20 Dec 2007

About 2.30pm today lovetoclimb hit the web.  Its all very exciting as far as I'm concerned and I'll be celebrating with a bottle of champagne in about an hour (its chilling right now).  Even though I climbed truely terribly at the climbing wall its been a good day.  Lunchtime was spent having Christmas drinks at the Lescar pub with about 12 other 'homeworkers' in Sheffield.  And the check out guy at Tescos, on seeing my crackers with sparklers inside, asked if I was over 16.  Whether he was serious or not, it made me feel happy.  Happy Christmas.  I hope you like the site...

Winter is here

14 Dec 2007

So winter is here and conditions on the grit are great when its not raining (or when you've been cooking curry with turmeric on your fingers and have a split tip).  After an autumn of almost doing so much stuff its a relief to go bouldering and switch my head off.  I've been trying Jerry's traverse at Stanage and things are coming together.  I'm fairly obsessed by fingerboards and campus board excercises at the moment.  On Tuesday one by one all the people who haven't got proper jobs crept out to the plantation and we realised we were the luckiest people in the world.

Bit of a change of scene tomorrow - it looks damp and and I've got a day's MIA practice scheduled in with Rachael.  I'm hopefully going to pass the Mountain Instructor Award in 2008, but first I've got to be able to escape the system, prussik up and down ropes and rescue people from situations that never actually happen.  Have you ever tried lowering past a knot with an injured climber attached to you?  Its a thrilling procedure.  Can't wait for tomorrow - its going to be character building.  But not as character building as New Year 'scrambling' in North Wales.  I bet Nic is glad he married me.