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Training Plan exercises

20 Nov 2012

I have been busy!  Ben Heason (I owe you one!) very kindly joined me last week for a photo session and this week I've been putting all the exercise sheets together.  I still have more to do, but they are definately taking shape.  So if you get a training plan you will have a personal plan with all these sheets to refer to how to do all of the exercises and sessions.

Climbing training exercises

So Carmilla, Joan and James... I'm almost ready to set you to work!! Watch out!

PS The home page is getting an overhaul too, some new and exiting images of me and some of my clients will be appearing very soon.  About time!

Climbing Training Plan service now available!

08 Nov 2012

So it seems we never got an Indian summer and autumn is moving pretty swiftly so let's face it, we're not far off winter.  And that means it's time to think about the training period ahead.  To help you get the best out of this winter season I am now offering a training plan service.  You can read more about it here>>

I have done training plans myself and it's extremely motivating but also nice knowing you are making the most effective use of your time.  All you need to do is think about what you want to achieve, what your climbing goals are, and I will do the rest.  You will just climb and push yourself as much as you can, while I do the thinking.

Climbing training plans

Get in touch if you are interested. 

Also on the page are links to some climbing training articles I have written along with some training videos I think are interesting to look at.

Anyway, I am sitting under a pile of damp tissues trying to claw my way out of this dreadful cold.  Thanks Vanessa.  A week and a half ago I got 2 more projects under my belt , one at Malham, which I was super inspired for.  I think I'm going to have to accept this year's outdoor climbing might be at an end... it's time to think about my own winter's training.

Bye for now